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"Not Mildred," TriQuarterly, Winter 2018

"Soft Boys," The Spectacle, Winter 2016

"Witchmother," Psychopomp, Short Fiction Award, Summer 2016

"Virgins," Wigleaf, Spring 2016

"The House Breathes," Joyland, Winter 2015

"Body as Device," The Toast, Winter 2015

"Spirit Week," Sporklet, Summer 2015

"HEMORRHOID QUEEN," Fanzine, Spring 2015

“Wild Goats” and “Show Goat,” Paper Darts, Summer 2014

"Special Attachments," "Sunroom," "Sharks," Wigleaf, Summer 2013

"Your Origin Story," Squalorly, Summer 2013

"Crim's Invisible Lion Tamer," Monkeybicycle, Summer 2013

"Dear Nonexistent Children," Paper Darts, Summer 2012

"Beautiful," Hobart, Winter 2010

"Notes from the Landlord," McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Fall, 2009


"Max-Elite," Puerto del Sol, Spring 2016

"Squilliputians," Mid-American Review, Fall 2015

"The First Boy Without a Nose," Funhouse, Fall 2015.

"Invisible Zoo," Yemassee Review, Fall 2015

“The Audience,” Denver Quarterly, Fall 2014

“Strongman,” Chicago Review, Summer 2014

“Flinton’s Home for the Elderly or Disabled,” Sycamore Review, Summer 2014

“The Person Capable of Judging Lemons,” Indiana Review, Summer 2013

"Goat Sausage," Bitter Oleander, Spring 2013

“In Which Hansel is Gretel and Gretel is Hansel,” Fairy Tale Review, Winter 2013

“Crabwalkers,” and “Pseudo-skyscrapers,” Gigantic Sequins, Winter 2013

"Experiments," Make Literary Magazine, Fall 2013

"Premature," Weave, Summer 2013

"The Building Next to Flinton’s Home for the Elderly or Disabled,” Crab Creek Review, Summer 2013

“Letters between Tortoise and Hare,” Paper Darts, Fall 2012 (Online and Print)

“The Boy,” Salamander, Winter 2012

“Thanks Again,” Fourteen Hills, Summer 2011

"Contortionist Ballerina," Mid-American Review, Spring 2011


“This Man Is Not My Father,” The Rumpus, Winter 2014


“Cheaterhorse,” Toad the Journal, Summer 2014

“Unsuccessful Interloper,” “Jury Member,” and “The Handsome Man,” Gargoyle Magazine, Fall 2013

“The Exploding People I,II, and III,” Sonora Review, Winter 2013

“Largish People,” Everyday Genius, Fall 2012

“Bear Fur (Factories),” Matter Press, Fall 2012

“The Only Chance,” “Dark Places,” and “Deadlines,” Forklift, Ohio, Summer 2012


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